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New polyester cotton fabric

Polyester cotton fabric is a daily life commonly used in a chemical fiber fabric, due to outstanding wrinkle resistance and shape retention, has been widely used in the apparel industry; in recent decades, polyester began to use in the textile industry, as textile fabrics were pushed To the rest of the world, and gradually favored.

Polyester cotton fabric
Polyester fiber is not only a wide range of materials, and technology is mature, obvious advantages: high strength polyester, impact resistance than the average chemical fiber 4 times higher than the average cellulose fiber 20 times higher;
Polyester abrasion resistance, second only to the best wear resistance of nylon, than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers are good, at the same time, polyester light, corrosion resistance - these properties give polyester fabric easy to wash fast, anti-wrinkle durable, price Affordable and other advantages, very practical.
Hebei Gaibo Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003. The company was founded more than 14 years in the woven fabric. we’ve become one of the most famous weaving factories. Our main focus was on woven fabric, dyed fabric, printed fabric and yarn .
There are 600 sets shuttle loom and 30,000 spindles in our factory. We are able to produce woven fabric 70,000 yards/day and yarns 8 tons/day.

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